Frequently Asked Questions

Paper Types

All of our documents and maps allow you to choose a type of paper that you would like the item printed on. You can choose from the following:

Modern parchment vellum paper
Period correct laid paper
Parchment Paper   Laid Paper
This paper looks and feels like original 17th/18th century vellum used for some of the more extravagant documents and maps.

This modern version of the paper creates a cheaper alternative for customers who just want to own the item for decorative purposes rather than having an exact replica of the item as it was when it was originally produced

This paper is a made using the same techniques as paper was in the 17th or 18th century. It is what would have been used for most maps and documents of the time.

This paper is suitable for re-enactors and enthusiasts that wish to achieve a high level of accuracy when displaying any maps or documents during living history exhibitions and events