Replica 1748 English Chart of the West Indies

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Replica 1748 Engish map titled "A new and accurate chart of the West Indies" by Emanuel Bowen. It shows the Southeastern United States, Florida, the Gulf Coast, Mexico, the Caribbean islands and Central America. A number of towns, forts and other places of interest are noted throughout.

The Map has annotations describing King Charles II's charter of 1665 which established the Carolina Colony, extending south to St. Augustine and incorporating the recently named (and just colonized) Georgia. Another annotation describes Columbus' landfall on St. Salvador or Cat Island in 1492. Another addresses the taking of the Bahamas by the Spanish and French in 1703 and subsequent retaking of the island by the Captain Rogers for the British in 1717.

Printed on modern parchment vellum paper, or if you want to be accurate to the original then it can be printed on period correct linen and cotton blend laid paper for £6 extra.

Approx 23.5" x 20" in size.

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