Over Shoulder Flintlock Pistol Holster

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This is a Real Leather Flintlock pistol holster inspired by the ones seen in pictures of rocket troops from the Napoleonic war.

It holds the larger black powder and blank firing flintlocks that re-enactors use. The holster is stitched together by waxed linen thread and features either a brass Sam Browne stud, buckle or a leather toggle to fasten the retaining strap. The shoulder strap is available in a range of colours and widths, and features a brass buckle to adjust the drop. It can be fastened to the holster via buckles or leather thong (like the early grenadiers bags).

This holster can be made as a left or right hand holster with the pistol butt facing to the front or the back, just specify which you want when purchasing.

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