Blackbeard six pistol sword baldric

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This is our real leather version of Blackbeard the Pirates flintlock pistol and sword baldric.

Legend says that he carried 6 flintlocks into battle with him mounted on his sword baldric. This is my version of that Baldric and is similar to the one worn by James Purefoy in Blackbeard, Terror at Sea. It is suitable for Pirate re-enactment, theatre or LARP costumes.

The baldric has an adjustable screw post that holds your sword in place (both reproduction and LARP) and features 4 sword hand facing pistol holsters and 2 opposite hand facing pistol holsters that allowed Blackbeard to still fire his guns while fighting with his cutlass. The buckle is on the back of this rig as the front is taken up by pistol buckets.

(If sewn is chosen as the construction method the pistol buckets will still be riveted on with period correct copper rivets to add durability)

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