Act of Grace Proclamation

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This is a Replica of King George 1st 1717 Proclamation announcing the Act of Grace. This act was to suppress piracy in the West Indies by allowing Pirates to surrender themselves to any agents of the government and receive a full pardon of their crimes.

Also included is a replica of the London Gazette broadsheet newspaper reporting the Act of Grace being issued.

Both documents are actual size and are printed on period paper. The Proclamation is 12"x17" and the Broadsheet (which is double sided) is 8"x12". I gave them both a weathered look as I imagine the Proclamation was put up as a poster around ports and docks to inform the locals so was subjected to outdoor conditions. The broadsheet I weathered and dirtied up a bit as I would have imagined it would have travelled quite a distance aboard a damn ship before it fell into the hands of the citizens of the west indies.

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